2007 30/05

Some of my favorite words

With Abbi’s ever increasing vocabulary I’ve decided that there are a few that I absolutely love more than others.  Of course she’ll pretty much try to repeat different things that you say so I am having to watch what words I use.  There are just certain things I do not want my toddler repeating at family gatherings or in the check out line.  It’s not so much that she sounds stinkin’ adorable when she says these words but it’s because she uses them in the right context.

“Animals” — she loves watching Baby Einstein’s Neighborhood Animals

“Octopus” — she has a wooden puzzle that has the alphabet with animals by the letter. She knows all the animals on that stupid board and even says most of them (including octopus)

abbi words-0-14

“Welcome” — yes she says this after you say “thank you” to her

“SURPRISE!” — the best is that she covers her eyes before she says it but she peeks through her fingers….so much like me that it makes my sides hurt


So I started typing this entry while Abbi was napping this afternoon and I’m just now finishing it now that she is in bed for the night.  Seriously, I’ll be so glad when these stupid canine teeth are in.  They are making us both MISERABLE!  Anyhow, so back to my update.  Tonight at dinner Abbi threw another new word/phrase at me.  She was telling me that she was all done eating after she had merely poked at her dinner.  I told her that if she got down then she was done eating for the night and that she would not get any snacks before bed.  Yes, I try to reason with my 18 month old child, thinking that she really understands, but really it is just so I can say, “Nope, I told you no snacks” when she comes begging for food twenty minutes later.

After I explained to her the whole no snacks warning, she looks at me and says clear as a bell, “okey dokey.”  Excuse me.  Okey Dokey?  Did you really just say Okey Dokey to me?  Did  you really just say Okey Dokey to my no snacks threat?  Did you just turn 6 right before my eyes?  Do I really say okey dokey that much that she just picked it up.  I’ll admit that I do say  ummm quite often so I take full responsibility for her picking that one up, but I’m not so sure about this okey dokey thing.  Oh, and it wasn’t just a fluke.  She said it again to me when I told her we needed to wash her hands and then again when I told her it was time to go into the living room.  Seriously.  Okey Dokey?

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