2007 29/06

Her first fake ID

I’ve been looking for things for Abbi and I to do in the mornings to burn off all of Abbi’s toddler energy. Thankfully there is quite a bit to do in our area — the beach, playgrounds, Crazy Bounce, mall play area. We’ve been going to the park near the Dream Neighborhood lately because there […]

2007 24/06

Dark chocolate, please

This entire week I have been in a mood where I want everything smoothered in chocolate. I’m not sure exactly why. It could be the fact that due to my dental stuff earlier this week I’m not allowed to really eat anything that is not super soft or in liquid form. You really don’t realize […]

2007 21/06

Happy First Day of Summer

Although it has felt like summer around here for a few weeks now, today is the official first day of summer. And, despite starting off on a grey note, the first day of summer has turned out to be quite lovely — beautiful blue sunny skies and a warm breeze. I love summer. Love it. […]

2007 14/06

Wood or Silverware

Today is our Anniversary. Five years baby! Yes, I will bore you with the cliche of “on one hand it feels like forever, and on the other hand it feels like just yesterday.” Lots of really good memories from our wedding and even more great memories since. We really don’t have any big plans to […]

2007 08/06

Ahh, Friday

I swear I felt like it should have been Friday back on Monday. I’m not sure why I feel like the days and weeks go by so slow but the months seem to fly by. With schools getting out for summer vacation I’m finding myself wish my husband was a teacher. I would love for […]

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