2007 08/06

Ahh, Friday

I swear I felt like it should have been Friday back on Monday. I’m not sure why I feel like the days and weeks go by so slow but the months seem to fly by. With schools getting out for summer vacation I’m finding myself wish my husband was a teacher. I would love for him to have the summers off, to just play with Abbi and I all day, to go and do whatever whenever we want. But, knowing my husband, he would probably pick up a job over the summers. Not that he’s a work-a-holic. He just likes to stay busy and is always finding new things to become involved in. Not a bad trait to have.

I’m happy to say that we really have no big weekend plans. Just a quiet weekend at home enjoying the sunshine (if this stupid wind calms down). Chances are we’ll drive around looking for a cottage to purchase….I have the bug to find a cute little cottage on an all-sports lake (husband’s request) that we can fix-up and enjoy! I’ll keep you posted on if we find anything.

Now I leave you with a picture of our “special-ed” cat. Her name is Melody and she is the most bizarre cat. She meows or squeaks every time you touch her or pretend like you’re going to touch her, she wants so badly to be loved on but hides in our closet whenever people come over, she plays fetch, has licked her stomach bald, and her tongue is too big for her mouth and is always sticking out just a bit (sometimes a lot).


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