2007 29/06

Her first fake ID

I’ve been looking for things for Abbi and I to do in the mornings to burn off all of Abbi’s toddler energy. Thankfully there is quite a bit to do in our area — the beach, playgrounds, Crazy Bounce, mall play area. We’ve been going to the park near the Dream Neighborhood lately because there are endless things for us to do. If Abbi gets bored with the play area, she can run through the soccer fields, chase the tennis balls on the courts, and play in the sand of the beach volleyball courts.

The other morning we showed up at the park pretty early. There was one other family there — Mom, Dad, Girl1 (about 5 years old) and Girl2 (about 2 years old). Mom immediately bee-lined over to Abbi and I, telling me how excited she was that there was another little girl here that was the same age as her daughter, now they could play together. I just smiled, knowing that toddlers really don’t “play” with each other. They basically co-exist in the same area and acknowledge each other as they cross paths. Or at least that is what I’ve noticed for the most part. Apparently Girl2 really wanted to play with Girl1 on the “5-7 year old” play area but Mom told her that she needed to stay on the “2-4 year old” area. (The playground has two huge play structures. One is designed for 2-4 year olds and the other is designed for 5-7 year olds but they are in the same area.)

After mastering the 2-4 year old area, Abbi decided to go check out the 5-7 year old area. I was fine with her exploring the other area because there was only one other kid in that area, Girl1, so Abbi was not going to get in the way or get trampled by big kids. I followed Abbi. Off to the side I hear Mom tell Girl2, “No Girl2, that’s the big kids area. Abbi’s mom is letting her go over there but we’re staying over here.” I just ignored the conversation and watched as Abbi went down the slide.

A little while later Abbi decided to head back over to the big kids area. Again, there are still no other kids at the playground besides Girl1 and Girl2. I was a little further behind Abbi this time. Mom happened to be in the path between Abbi and the big kids area. Mom decided to turn Abbi around and tell her “No, no Abbi. You need to stay in this area” and smiled over at me. I was a little taken back. I mean, by all means, if my child is heading towards the edge of a cliff, turn her around and tell her no. I’ll bake you a cake and offer you my endless thanks. But, you saw that I was right behind her and that I had taken her over to that area before. I guess I didn’t realize that there were rules to this place. I mean, let me be clear that I would not let Abbi on the big kid stuff if there were lots of older kids running around in that area. But there was NO ONE ELSE THERE! I’m surprised that Mom didn’t kick us off the whole playground when she found out that Abbi is only 18 months old!! Sorry if my kid can handle the bigger slides. Needless to say that I was happy when the other moms and kids showed up!

Have a great weekend all! My goal is to get the deck stained this weekend. Yeah, the husband is super pumped about that. Although he’s golfing 18 Saturday morning so I’m sure it will amazingly be finished by the time he gets home. Hmmmm.

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