2007 05/06

Not entirely helpless

Yesterday Abbi and I ran to one of the mega-hardware stores in town to pick up a few home improvement necessities.  One thing that I was specifically looking for was some sort of pin to put in the “safety” hinges on the sweater chest that we are now using as Abbi’s toy box.  The hinges help to slow down the lid as it closes but the lid is so heavy that I’m afraid it will smash some little fingers or hit her on the head when she crawls inside.

When we got to the store, I went to the door hardware section to begin looking for what I needed.  Immediately one of the employees asked me if he could help me find what I needed.  So I explained what I needed, what it looked like, different scenerios in which it could be used ((including the one I was needing it for).  I did everything short of giving him the part number and manufacturer.  The man looked at me blankly and tried selling me something completely different.  Something completely wrong.  I told him that it was not what I was looking for and began describing the pin even more in depth.  He replied, “Darlin’, I’ve never heard of such a thing.  This is what you need.”  I’m sorry, did we date before or are you some long lost relative?  I guess I’m just confused as to why you are referring to me as “Darlin’”.  Instead of replying with a snappy comeback on the “Darlin’” comment, I said, “Well, this piece of hardware is no different than me shoving a screwdriver in there.  I’m not sure that this would be the safest thing for my daughter.”  So I told him I would continue looking.

Sure enough, I walked around to the next aisle and found four or five options for the pin that I was looking for.  Seriously, just because I have two X chromosomes does not make me incompetent when it comes to hardware and home improvements.  Yes, I do like to pass those jobs off to my husband as it always seems to go a little easier when he does them, but that does not mean that I cannot do things on my own.  I’m a pretty self-sufficient person.  And no, I’m not overreacting about this.  Similar situations have happened to me when I have gone into said mega-hardware store in the past. Seriously, do men get treated this way when they walk into Victoria’s Secret?

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