2007 30/07

Family Reunion

This past weekend was my family reunion (on my mom’s mom’s side).  The weather was beautiful and there were way more people there than I would have ever thought.  All in all, it was a good weekend.  Abbi did well traveling in the truck for the 2.5 hour trip (we had to take the truck […]

2007 25/07

Ready for ‘Paint the fence’

Abbi thinks the flies buzzing around in our house are absolutely a blast.  She tries to find them after they fly off, saying “Where did it go?” and “There it is!”  I guess if I’m going to have flies in my house, then at least it’s a good source of entertainment for the kid. Today, […]

2007 22/07

Staying Put

I think we have decided that we are not going to sell our condo and move for another few years (then again, I reserve the right to change my mind next Spring).  Out condo really does have enough room for our family right now and I actually enjoy toting Abbi to the local parks.  When  […]

2007 17/07


The picture on the left is Abbi (just taken last night at bath time) and the picture on the right is Tim (not sure what age).  Are you kidding me?!?!  Did she get any of my DNA? I’m feeling like I was merely the incubator for 9 months for a little Tim clone.

2007 13/07

Love at first sight

Our dear friends, Scott and Tara, welcomed home their first baby this week.  Seriously, this kid is KA-UTE!  Absolutely perfect.  Jacob Robert. Last night they stopped over so Abbi could meet her new best friend.  She was on her best behavior and spoke softly (this kid hardly says a word that is not shouted) and […]

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