2007 30/07

Family Reunion

This past weekend was my family reunion (on my mom’s mom’s side).  The weather was beautiful and there were way more people there than I would have ever thought.  All in all, it was a good weekend.  Abbi did well traveling in the truck for the 2.5 hour trip (we had to take the truck because we were pulling Tim’s parent’s camper).  The reunion was at my uncle’s house and he went all out — huge tent with tables and chairs, lots of games, in-ground pool, and very yummy food.  Abbi liked swimming in the pool with daddy and running around in the yard.

Unfortunately I did get sunburnt on my shoulders and neck so I’m a bit sore.  So dumb!  Live and learn!  The worst part is that it will go from red to white, no tan for me.

Here are some photos of Abbi from the weekend.

On a random side note — So when Abbi and I are out running errands in the morning I typically listen to Dr. Laura on the radio.  Have any of you listened to her?  People have told me (before I started listening to her) that she was brutally honest but always “right-on”.  I’m all for brutally honest.  I appreciate honesty.  And Dr. Laura is brutally honest.  But I don’t think she is “right-on”.  I actually feel like she doesn’t actually listen to her callers.  She gets so mad and irritated when people try to explain things to her, he just wants to hear your question..  How can you help someone if you don’t know the story?  I’m really shocked at how many time she tells a woman to leave her husband if she’s not getting along with him. I disagree with a lot of what she says and I usually tell her so as I talk back to the radio.  Anyway, that is just a random thought.  I’ll probably still listen to her tomorrow, and the next day.

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