2007 03/07

It’s Tuesday

And it’s my birthday. Yup, the big 2-8 this year. We really don’t have any plans because, after all, it’s Tuesday. Thankfully tomorrow is holiday so we’ll be vegging tomorrow. I’m sure Abbi and I will spend the morning at the park and then I’m baking a cake, of which I’m sure I’ll devour most of it myself. I love cake!! I had thought about getting my nose pierced because that is something that I have wanted to do forever and just never did it. Who knows, maybe I’ll just go do it.

So, in honor of my birthday, I will share a story that I’ve told many times. When I was little we would go camping every year for the Fourth of July and, by default, we would celebrate my birthday at the same time. Yes, that means no big birthday parties with friends. It was usually just family and a cake. Anyhow, all of the campers would put out flags and shoot off fireworks the entire week. Me, being the self-absorbed child that I was, thought that everyone did that for my birthday. I mean, why wouldn’t you hang out American flags and shoot off fireworks to celebrate my birthday. I’m not sure how old I was but somewhere in the years of camping my Grandma took a big pin and burst my bubble when she told me that the flags and fireworks were not for my birthday but for this thing called Independence Day. What?!?! Like Independence Day is more important than my birthday?

I’m sure I have more lame or embarrassing birthday stories. Like when my friend Charlie (in high school) brought this huge stuffed Tazmanian Devil to me at work for my birthday because he wanted to date me. I was so embarrassed. So there you have it. It’s my birthday. And, although we have no big special plans, it’s already a great birthday because Tim somehow coaxed Abbi into coming into the living room and saying “Mommy, Happy Birthday.”

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