2007 13/07

Love at first sight

Our dear friends, Scott and Tara, welcomed home their first baby this week.  Seriously, this kid is KA-UTE!  Absolutely perfect.  Jacob Robert.

Last night they stopped over so Abbi could meet her new best friend.  She was on her best behavior and spoke softly (this kid hardly says a word that is not shouted) and even said “Jake” (we practiced it through out the day).  I was delightfully disgusted with the new parents because they looked great, chipper, happy, and even volunteered to bring the baby over to our house because Abbi was going to bed.  What!?!?!  I don’t remember leaving my bedroom for a good month after Abbi was born!  They make me sick!  However, I did feel a little better when I brought them lunch today and they were admittedly dead tired because last night was their first night at home with baby Jake.  The first of many nights of interrupted sleep — bottle, diaper, burp, diaper, rock, bottle, diaper, burp, rock, burp.

Despite my jealousy over her relatively short labor and looking fabulous after just giving birth, I am super excited for them and am looking forward to our kids growing up together.  I feel like we’ve been waiting for Jake to arrive for a year and a half!


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