2007 25/07

Ready for ‘Paint the fence’

Abbi thinks the flies buzzing around in our house are absolutely a blast.  She tries to find them after they fly off, saying “Where did it go?” and “There it is!”  I guess if I’m going to have flies in my house, then at least it’s a good source of entertainment for the kid.

Today, while I was cleaning up from breakfast, Abbi decided to play “find the fly” in the living room.  When I walked into the living room Abbi turned around from the slider and said, “Mom. Bug. There it is.” and dropped the fly she had caught in front of me.  The kid caught the fly with her little fingers.  She was so excited.  This was probably the same stupid fly that I had been trying to swat for the past two days.

Once again, out-smarted by the toddler

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