2007 22/07

Staying Put

I think we have decided that we are not going to sell our condo and move for another few years (then again, I reserve the right to change my mind next Spring).  Out condo really does have enough room for our family right now and I actually enjoy toting Abbi to the local parks.  When  we get bored with one park, we visit another one.  That is one thing our area is not lacking — parks! We have quite a few parks, some great beaches, and even some really nice walking trails.

The reality is that if we were to move right now we would be looking at a house that is more expensive than our condo.  I would rather save that money (the money it would cost to move and the increase in house payment, taxes, and utilities) and pay down some of our stupid debt and replace our current furniture.  Pretty much all of our furniture (except Abbi’s bedroom set) is stuff we had in college or has been passed down from family.  It has been great and has saved us a lot of money these past 10 years, but things are starting to fall apart.

All that to say, no more talk about the Dream Neighborhood.  However, I will probably start talking about my dream furniture!

Oh, and I got my nose pierced on Saturday!  Hi mom, it really is cute.  You’ll see it next weekend!!

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