2007 09/07

The Birthday, Holiday, & Weekend Wrap-up

The Birthday: Well, another birthday has come and gone. All in all it was pretty good and pretty uneventful. We had the Folletts over for pizza and they treated me to a wonderful growler of New Holland Raspberry Cider. I also got a very funny card from the husband that I wish I could put on here because it is was the most perfect card for us.

The Holiday: Again, pretty low key and uneventful. We spent the day at Tim’s sister’s house with her family, eating way too much and playing games. For some reason Abbi did not do all that well with her nap so that put stress on the day. We decided to just come home when it was time for Abbi to go to bed and then the husband and I watched our neighbors light off fireworks.

The Weekend: I started staining our deck Friday while Abbi was napping and then the husband and I continued staining after she went to bed. Of course, being that it was 90+ degrees this weekend, I got a bit too much sun on my back and shoulders and am feeling it yet today. Saturday morning was probably the worst part of the whole weekend. We decided that we needed to get rid of our cats and Tim’s cousin was gracious enough to take them on their small farm. So, we drove them out there on Saturday morning, visited with his cousin and his wife for a few hours, and then came home so I could cry. And cry I did.

I know that there are very few cat lovers out there and I really wouldn’t consider myself a cat lover either. But we’ve had these cats (sisters) since they were just kittens and I do love them. The problem was that they needed more attention than we had to give lately and they had started to pee on things. They also started to jump in Abbi’s crib during the day and that is where I drew the line. I did not want them jumping in there while she was sleeping and did not want to risk them peeing in there. So, for all of our sakes and sanity, we decided they need to go. It has been so much harder than I would have ever thought. I become attached to things very easily I guess. I miss them in the little ways. Ok, sob break.

The rest of the weekend, between crying breakdowns, was ok. Abbi was feeding off of my somber mood so she was very whiny and fussy. We did go out to the beach Saturday and Sunday evenings which was nice. It was about 10 to 15 degrees cooler out there so it was nice to cool off out there. And Abbi loved walking through the water with daddy. She also loves watching the water, the boats, the birds and the kites, and saying “Hi” to every single person she sees. She is so stinkin’ social!

So there you have it, that is the wrap. And today is Monday and I have absolutely no patience. Yeah, that works well with a toddler in the house. Ok, I need to run over to the neighbors now and feed her cat and water her flowers. We agreed to take care of her cat before we decided to take our kittens away this weekend and now it’s like pouring salt in a huge open wound. I want my kitties back!

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