2007 28/08

And there shall be refirgeration

The Sears repair guy is here right now fixing the refrigerator.  Yeah!  I’m really tired of running downstairs every time we need milk or butter or whatever.  I do have a feeling that this may take all afternoon for him to fix it though.  He’s all of 14 and has spent more time running out […]

2007 23/08

Toying with my emotions

I am really, very, unbelievably thankful that tomorrow is Friday. On so many levels.  I am ready for this week to be over.  I’m tired of the rain and grey skies (although I know we need the rain).  I’m tired of feeling like crap.  Poor Abbi has been dealing with a mom who wants to […]

2007 15/08

Am I that unreasonable?

We have been having problems with our fridge for the past few weeks.  It seems that the condenser is going kaput on it.  Basically it is no longer keeping anything cold and making this annoying buzzing noise every 10 minutes.  We had someone come last week to fix it (after living three days out of […]

2007 10/08

I (heart) iLife ’08

Tim purchased iLife ’08 and iWork ’08 earlier this week and I was so excited when he told me that it came in the mail today.  I loaded them on my laptop this afternoon and love them.  Since Tim was gone running sound at a concert tonight (way to make us some extra money hubs) […]

2007 08/08

No, it didn’t hurt

The first question when people notice that my nose is now pierced is, “Did it hurt?”  It actually didn’t.  Despite the fact that the guy who did the piercing had a lazy eye, he really did it fast and with no more pain than a shot in the arm.  The stud that is currently in […]

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