2007 15/08

Am I that unreasonable?

We have been having problems with our fridge for the past few weeks.  It seems that the condenser is going kaput on it.  Basically it is no longer keeping anything cold and making this annoying buzzing noise every 10 minutes.  We had someone come last week to fix it (after living three days out of a mini fridge and cooler) but it had mysteriously started working again about 2 hours before he showed up.  Figures.  He told me that 9 times out of 10 the problem is this small part in the condenser but, now that it is working again, he is not able to test it to know for sure.  He replaced the part, I paid him his $150 for 15 minutes of work, and he was on his way.  He did tell me before he left that if the problem were to reoccur in the next few days that he would refund most of that $150.

As I’m sitting here typing I am hearing that same annoying noise.  Sure enough, the condenser is no longer working and our fridge is slowly going warm.  Tim called the same fix-it place and they are not able to get anyone here again until Friday afternoon.  Ummm super, so I’m supposed to move all of my groceries (yeah, just stocked up on Monday) to the cooler and mini fridge. Which means most of the food will get tossed.  Very irritated right now.  Tim was pretty pissed when the fix-it place said they couldn’t be here until Friday so he told them to forget it and that he would find someone whose schedule wasn’t quite so full and unreasonable, but we still wanted out refund.  She said she’d need to check with her boss about that.  Thankfully Tim found someone who can be here tomorrow morning.  Seriously, if it were any other appliance (even the air conditioning) I could see waiting a few days to get it fixed.  But a fridge is a crucial part of our existence here….and not a cheap one to replace.

I did just get a voice mail from the fix-it place (the guy who came last week) and he was quite rude.  I’m so glad I sent him to voice mail.  He was pissed that we couldn’t wait until Friday for him to come out here.  Sorry buddy.  He would, however, refund our money, although he assured me that this is not their typical practice and that it would never happen like this again.  Yes sir, this will never happen like this again because I can assure you that we will never hire your company again.  I’m glad we cleared that one up.

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