2007 08/08

No, it didn’t hurt

The first question when people notice that my nose is now pierced is, “Did it hurt?”  It actually didn’t.  Despite the fact that the guy who did the piercing had a lazy eye, he really did it fast and with no more pain than a shot in the arm.  The stud that is currently in it has a long post that kind of bugs me from time to time so I bought a smaller one but, after attempting to put the new stud in twice now, I decided it would be best to leave the original stud in until the healing time is up.

Why did I do it?  I’ve always wanted my nose pierced.  It was between the nose and the eyebrow and I decided that I like the nose piercing better.  I went back and forth about it thinking, “how can I get my nose pierced when I’m nearly 30 and I’m a MOM!”  Then, after much encouragement from the husband, I came to the realization that a piercing or a tattoo or pink hair does not change the fact that I am a mom and I’m a good mom (that’s me tooting my own horn, TOOT TOOT).  (You can use that comeback with your husband Kim)  I decided that I need to stop acting like I’m 80 (not that an 80 year old can’t get their nose pierced).

Doesn’t Abbi pull at it?  She is totally oblivious to it.  She doesn’t poke at it or try to pull on it.  She did try to plug my nose tonight when I was carrying her to bed but it doesn’t hurt for her to touch it and I just gently moved her hand away.  I’m more worried about me pulling it out when I dry my face on the towel than I am about Abbi getting ahold of it.

So there you have it.  I’m happy I got it done and would totally do it again.  But I think I’m set on tattoos and piercings for a little while.

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