2007 01/08

Reliving the glory days

This weekend Tim and I will be traveling to my Hometown for my 10 year High School Class Reunion.  (Abbi will be staying back here with Tim’s parents)  This weekend is also Festival in the Hometown so that will be an added bonus.  The ladies (a group of girls from High School whom I still see regularly) and I have spent the past year planning this reunion.  Actually the “planning” part happened in about 3 weeks.  We spent the rest of the year trying to find most of our classmates.  And, after a year of emails, tracking people down, hunting people down, I will be happy when Saturday night is here.  I’m really tired of searching for people and badgering them to give me an answer on whether or not they’re going to be there.

I know people are going to be pissed because we didn’t get ahold of them but, seriously, I’m not a frickin’ detective, nor am I going to pay one to find you.  I’m bummed and disappointed that certain people aren’t coming but will be glad to see some of the others who are coming.

Regardless, it will be fun to get away for the night with the Husband.  I think he’s excited too.  5 hours in the car (10 total) to listen to or talk about whatever we want.  And I’m sure we’ll be heading down to “the tent” for some good ol’ beer and polka!  Good times people, good times!  I’m sure I’ll have some interesting stuff to say come Monday!

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