2007 23/08

Toying with my emotions

I am really, very, unbelievably thankful that tomorrow is Friday. On so many levels.  I am ready for this week to be over.  I’m tired of the rain and grey skies (although I know we need the rain).  I’m tired of feeling like crap.  Poor Abbi has been dealing with a mom who wants to do nothing but lay in bed and hang my head over the toilet.  Oh how I wish I could do both at the same time.  Abbi’s been a trooper about it and has been content watching tv, reading books, and doing puzzles but I can see that it has taken it’s toll on her as she is starting to act out more.  We’re expecting more rain tomorrow so maybe I’ll take her to the mall play area so she can run off some of this stored up energy.

I’m also happy tomorrow is Friday because I’m going to get a massage tomorrow evening.  I love massages.  I would get a massage every week, ok every day, if I could.  That hour goes by entirely too fast.  Sometimes I wish Tim would decide to go to massage school so he would be forced to practice on me.  And me, being the sacrificing wife that I am, would let him practice his massages on me every night so he could better his technique.  I know, I’m entirely too selfless, but that is just the type of woman that I am.

In other news, our refrigerator has gotten the best of me.  I swear that thing can read my thoughts.  The lovely Sears repair man came last week (of course the stupid thing started working about an hour before he got here) and he concluded that we needed a new compressor.  He ordered it, it came yesterday, and he will be here the first of next week to install it.  In the mean time we bought a smaller fridge for the basement kitchenette so we would have a functional fridge but, of course, the upstairs fridge has been working this entire time.  Oh, that was until I decided to think to myself today, “hey, the fridge is working just fine. I could move more of this food back upstairs and not be running up and down stairs all day.”  I no sooner had let that thought cross my mind and the stupid fridge stopped working again.  So, while feeling like a big pile of poop this afternoon, I moved all of the food from the upstairs fridge and freezer to the downstairs fridge.  And yes, two hours later the fridge started working again.  I HATE YOU Fridge!  I hate you with every inch of my being.

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