2007 06/08

Weekend Wrap

I feel a huge sense of relief now that the weekend is over.  The reunion went really well and, I think, most everyone had a good time.  Tim and I enjoyed our time in the car together, as we were driving nearly half of the weekend.  We also got to see some of my family again and it is always good to catch up with friends and get the latest town gossip.  So I would say that the weekend was a success.  I really don’t have any really funny stories from the reunion though.  There was a lot of laughing and a lot of stories but nothing that stands out.  Sorry.

Abbi did really well while we were gone.  I think she need to catch up on her sleep though because she was quite naughty and cranky today.  I figured that we’d spend the first two days of the week getting back on schedule.  She did have fun bouncing on the trampoline all day Saturday and going to Spanish church on Sunday with Tim’s parents.  (The picture above is from Sunday when we took her out to the beach in the evening.)

And now, as I sit here typing, I can hear my fridge slowly dying.  A few weeks ago our fridge started acting funny and wasn’t keeping things cold.  Tim messed around with it and it started working just fine again.  Then, this morning, we noticed that it was making those same weird noises (Tim tells me it’s the condensor or compressor or something) and it was no longer keeping things cold. Thankfully we have a small dorm fridge plugged-in in the basement where I am now keeping “fridge stuff” and I filled the cooler with ice this morning where I am storing our freezer stuff.  Yeah, real fun.  I so badly wanted to buy ice cream when I was at the store this morning and then realized that I was at the store buying ice for the cooler because our freezer wasn’t working.  I guess buying ice cream wouldn’t be a good idea since the cooler is already full.  Damn!  I guess I’ll just have to convince the husband to make a Dairy Queen run!

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