2007 28/09


We went this morning to hear the heartbeat of the little one growing inside of me.  Sure enough, he/she has a heartbeat.  Phew!  I also had to have my full exam but we won’t discuss that.  The nurse found the heartbeat right away.  So quickly, in fact, that Tim wasn’t quite ready with the video […]

2007 25/09

Channeling my inner Martha Stewart

I was just telling Tim last night that I really wish I was more crafty.  He, being the good supportive husband that he is, tells me that I am crafty.  I think that is his “canned” answer anytime I bring things up. Me: “I wish I were more __________” Tim:  “Honey, you are ____________” I […]

2007 25/09

Why I would never opt for a C-section

I had never planned on having a C-section with Abbi but, after 36 hours of labor and the doctor telling me that her head was too big to fit through my pelvis and her head was starting swell, I was really left with no other choice.  I know a lot of women decide to go […]

2007 21/09

The game of tag…

I usually don’t do those self-surveys that I get every other day over email.  But, since I was “tagged” by Kim and it gives me a chance to brag up the husband,I figured I’d actually do one of these tag things.  Here goes: The game of tag about your man: 1. who is your man? […]

2007 19/09

Becoming a little mom

I was a little worried about how Abbi would handle the arrival of a new baby in the house.  Since she’s not in daycare she does not have to compete for attention.  She pretty much has my undivided attention all day every day.  I watched our friend’s little baby the other day and Abbi seemed […]

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