2007 19/09

Becoming a little mom

I was a little worried about how Abbi would handle the arrival of a new baby in the house.  Since she’s not in daycare she does not have to compete for attention.  She pretty much has my undivided attention all day every day.  I watched our friend’s little baby the other day and Abbi seemed to do well when I was feeding Jake his bottle, holding him, and even when he was fussing.  I had hope.

Then the other night we were with Scott & Tara again and I was holding Jake while he was fussing.  Abbi was less than amused by this and began throwing a bit of a temper tantrum.  My hope was quickly fleeing.

But recently Abbi has been laying all of her stuffed animals and her baby down for their naps and she’ll hold them on her shoulder, patting their backs, asking them “what’s the matter?”  So I decided to embrace this small spark of motherly instinct.  I took Abbi to the store today to buy her baby a new outfit and we even picked up those little fake baby bottles with milk and juice.  The kid did not want to even sit down for lunch today because she wants to feed her baby.  She now thinks the baby is the coolest thing ever.  I’m all for getting her all the baby doll things — little cradle, high chair, etc.

My hope has been restored……although I know that this does not guarantee that she’s going to be super cool with the new baby, but until April I can live in my fantasy world!

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