2007 18/09


Okay, you had to know that I would be posting about the whole Britney Spears thing sooner or later.

First, her VMA performance.  I actually thought she looked pretty good for recently having two babies. No she did have her pre-baby body but she looks a hell of a lot better than me.  I think she could have picked an outfit that would have been more flattering on her but she still looked good.  I did think that her performance was horrid.  Her dancing, if you call it that, was less than impressive and her singing lip-synching had zero  effort.  Not an impressive “come-back”.

Now, the custody issue.  My heart just goes out to those two little boys because I feel like neither parent is ready to be a parent.  I’m not sure that I can say any more about it. It’s a sad situation.  Really, whoever gets custody of the boys, will they be the one who helps those boys with their homework?  Take them to their doctor’s appointments?  Show them how to ride a bike or throw a football?  I doubt it.  I think they are both too busy wanting to be rockstars and not parents.  But I’m speculating.  I do not know Britney or Kevin personally and do not know all of the details involved.  I just hope that someone protects those babies!

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