2007 18/09


Tim’s going to kill me for writing this one so don’t be surprised if this post gets mysteriously deleted.

We’ve been trying to make Abbi aware that pooping and peeing happens in the potty.  We’ll ask her when she passes gas if she needs to go poop, hoping she’ll say yes and sit on the potty.  No, it has not happened yet.  The other morning Tim was in Abbi’s room hanging out with her as she decided whether or not she was really ready to get up and out of her crib.  Tim passed a little gas and, without missing a beat, Abbi says, “Ut oh.  You poopin’ daddy?  Need go potty?”  He was totally busted!

She’s also been taking care of me these past few weeks as I have not been feeling well.  She pats me on the back as I gag over the toilet and says, “bless you mom,” every time I cough and gag.  She even leans over her little potty and coughs, pretending that she is getting sick too, and then gets a piece of toilet paper to wipe her nose and mouth.  Not that I want my daughter to be subjected to watching me get sick multiple times during the day but it does strangely make me feel better to have such a little supporter.

We’re starting to realize that we now need to be careful what we let “slip” in front of our very attentive toddler.  She’s like a stinkin’ little sponge!

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