2007 25/09

Channeling my inner Martha Stewart

I was just telling Tim last night that I really wish I was more crafty.  He, being the good supportive husband that he is, tells me that I am crafty.  I think that is his “canned” answer anytime I bring things up.

Me: “I wish I were more __________”

Tim:  “Honey, you are ____________”

I think he expects that I will agree with him and drop the subject.  That rarely happens.  I think it may be the upcoming holidays and all of the crafty stuff I see in the magazines.  I want my house to look all festive and cute.  I’ve also been checking out The Big Trade-Off’s flickr images and all of the amazing clothes she makes for her kids.  Stinkin’ adorable.  Seriously?  She makes me want to sew.  I ponder to myself, if I had a sewing machine I could totally make Abbi cute dresses and outfits and even ones for her baby doll to match.  Then I snap back into reality.  Tim would be all for me getting a sewing machine, mostly because he could use it.   He totally knows how to sew and is good at it.  Oh that would piss me off if he could out-sew me.

But being crafty also costs money.  All of those cute decorations cost money to make.  Now making clothes for Abbi could actually save money or I could go hog wild on patterns and fabrics and make her more clothes than she could possibly need.  Yeah, that’s wishful thinking.  Reality is that I would probably waste so much fabric from my mistakes.  Ah, the dilemmas I face.

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