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We went this morning to hear the heartbeat of the little one growing inside of me.  Sure enough, he/she has a heartbeat.  Phew!  I also had to have my full exam but we won’t discuss that.  The nurse found the heartbeat right away.  So quickly, in fact, that Tim wasn’t quite ready with the video camera.  Thankfully he himself is pretty quick so he did catch the heartbeat.

I was a little nervous about this appointment, although not nearly as nervous as I was with Abbi.  You just never know how hard it will be for them to find the heartbeat.  The heartbeat was right between 165 and 170.  I think Abbi was right around 140 or 150.  Of course the old wives’ tales say that the fast heartbeat indicates a girl.  I’m about 98% sure we’re having another girl but Tim is holding onto that small hope that we’re having a boy.  We won’t be able to find out for another 8 weeks though.  Anyhow, below is a video of the heartbeat appointment.  No they didn’t let me keep that lovely gown.

Heartbeat – Zoe from Stacey Lynn on Vimeo.

And here are some pictures of Abbi reading through the bag full of baby/pregnancy pamphlets they gave me at my appointment.  At least someone in this family is taking the time to read through it all.


I tried taking a “12-week” picture of myself but I suck at self-portraits so I’m hoping Tim will snap a pict tonight.

Have a great weekend!

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