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Abbi is almost 22 months.  My baby is going to be turning 2 before I know it.  I say “baby” because she will always be my baby but she is certainly a toddler and even pushing being a “kid”.  I’m not so sure I was prepared for how quickly she would transition through these stages.  I feel like she has grown so much in the last few weeks.  She definitely gets her height from her daddy.  She has also developed a very fun imagination.  She likes to scribble on the bathtub walls with her bath-crayons and then she tells me what she has drawn.  Whales.  Dolphins.  Tigers.  Mountains.  The mountains are pretty easy to decipher most of the time but the others take a bit of imagination on my part.  She has also taken an interest in her stuffed animals and baby doll, at least more than just toting them around by there feet and banging them into walls and the toybox.  She likes to lay them all out on the floor for nap time and feeds them her pretend strawberries.  Oh yes, I usually get all the strawberries I can handle as well.

I LOVE THIS AGE!!  Except for the fact that she begs me to wear the spaghetti strainer on my head as a hat.  I’m sure the neighbors love seeing me walk around the house with that on my head!

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