2007 07/09

No time like the present

We’re pregnant!  Again!  Number two is well on his/her way.  And this pregnancy is so very different than when I was pregnant with Abbi.  I feel absolutely wretched this time around.  My pregnancy with Abbi was a dream pregnancy.  I was a little tired in the first trimester but only threw up twice (once due to food poisoning & once due to the flu).  I cannot even begin to count the number of times i’ve thrown up already and it’s only been 9 weeks.  Thankfully I saw my chiropractor the other day and he gave me some heaven sent nutrition that has taken the edge off of the nausea.  Still super tired most of the day but that I can live with.  Tim is hoping that the difference in pregnancies means we’re having a boy, but others have told me that you tend to feel worse with each of your pregnancies.  I don’t know.  I just hope I’m not one of those women who are sick their entire pregnancy.  Oh, the due date is April 10.

In other news, I’m off this weekend to go see some of my girl friends from high school.  And, despite the fact that they are all bringing their little ones, I will be leaving Abbi at home with daddy.  As much fun as I’m sure Abbi would have with the other little girls, I think I’m in need of night away.  And I think it will be fun for Tim and Abbi to spend some daddy/daughter time together.  Should be a good time for everyone.

Have a great weekend!

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