2007 18/09

The County Fair

Last week Tim and I went to see Toby Keith at the county fair.  Don’t worry, I’m going to confirm every preconceived notion that you have of county fairs.  Tim’s brother-in-law scored free tickets to the concert through the military (yeah military) and, since he and Tim’s sister were celebrating their birthdays that night and are not big country music fans, he offered the tickets to us.  We love concerts and love free tickets to concerts so we found a babysitter for Abbi and happily accepted.

The county fair, oh the county fair.  Such an interesting place.  Such a great place for people watching.  I really wish I had brought my camera.  There were so many great photo opportunities:  the world’s largest pig (1100 pounds), the giant rat (75 pounds), the grandma who was running the carnival games.  Something I would not have taken a picture of was the monkey who was trained to take coins from people.  Am I the only one who does not find that entertaining?  It is not like the monkey did a dance or did magic tricks (still not sure that would make it any better).  He just sheepishly walked up to people and took their money.

The concert was really great.  We knew a lot of his songs, he put on a great show, and the seats were not bad either.  Okay, now for the not so good part.  I was so surprised at how many kids we saw at the concert and outside of the concert.  And I’m not even talking about 10 or 12 year olds.  These were 3, 4 and even 2 year olds.  Seriously, this was a loud concert, with smoking and drinking, and it was 10 o’clock at night.  Am I completely abnormal to think that you really shouldn’t bring your toddler to a concert like this?  It would be one thing if it was an afternoon show with the Wiggles but this is clearly an adult concert.  My only thought is that these people either could not or didn’t attempt to find a babysitter and decided that the concert was just way too important to miss.  My heart ached as  I watched this little 2 year old boy trying to sleep in front of us while the music blared and people shouted around him.  I just wanted to scoop him up, take him home, and put him to bed.  Definitely put a damper on the night.

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