2007 21/09

The game of tag…

I usually don’t do those self-surveys that I get every other day over email.  But, since I was “tagged” by Kim and it gives me a chance to brag up the husband,I figured I’d actually do one of these tag things.  Here goes:

The game of tag about your man:

1. who is your man? Tim, often referred to as “daddy” or “the husband” on here
2. how long have you been together? Started dating in November 1999, Married June 2002
3. how long did you date? Well we dated for about 1.5 years before we got engaged
4. how old is your man? 32….turning 33 next month
5. who eats more? Right now, me!

6. who said “i love you” first? He did, while we were at his sister’s house
7. who is taller? Tim, by a foot
8. who sings better? Oh, Lord have mercy! I’d be lying if I didn’t say Tim.
9. who is smarter? Depends on if we’re talking about “real-world” knowledge (Tim) or Jeopardy questions (Me)
10. whose temper is worse? We’re probably equal here.
11. who does the laundry? I do.  If it were up to Tim we would hire it out.
12. who takes out the garbage? Me
13. who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Tim.  I sleep diagnolly though so I guess we both do.
14. who pays the bills? He makes the money and I send it out.
15. who is better with the computer? Hands down, Me. Just kidding.  Tim
16. who mows the lawn? Ah, the beauty of living in a condo.  Neither of us mow the lawn.
17. who cooks dinner? I usually do until recently.  I usually don’t feel well enough by the evening to actually cook.
18. who drives when you are together? Tim, unless he’s lost a limb or dying
19. who pays when you go out? Tim, unless I happen to have a hidden stash of cash on me, which isn’t likely
20. who is most stubborn? Both.  Yup, Abbi got it from both of us
21. who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Wow, it depends on the situation I think.
22. whose parents do you see the most? Tim’s since they live a mile down the road and mine live on the other side of the state.
23. who kissed who first? He led the way and I took over from there :)
24. who asked who out? He asked me out but I thought he was just looking for someone (a friend) to go on a couples thing so he didn’t have to be the 5th wheel.  I really didn’t think it was a “date” until we were at the end of it
25. who proposed? Tim, in Mexico
26. who is more sensitive? Me, emotionally and physically
27. who has more friends? Tim, he is Mr. Social.  I think we just had this conversation….
28. who has more siblings? Both of us have 3 siblings, but I have two step-siblings
29. who wears the pants in the family? Seriously?  If you haven’t figured it out from the first 28 questions, then I obviously didn’t do a good job answering them.

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