2007 31/10

Birthday weekend

This past weekend was the hubby’s birthday. Happy Birthday Love! We really don’t do much for birthdays around here. Though he did get a new iPod nano and some workout stuff about a month earlier that we deemed as his birthday gift. All around it ended up being a busy week and weekend. Earlier in […]

2007 26/10

Beating the system

Sometimes I question the lessons that I am teaching our daughter. We’re attempting to begin the potty training process with Abbi.  Our first step is for her to recognize that sitting in a dirty diaper is not fun.  We’re hoping that this will eventually turn into her figuring out that pooping in her diaper isn’t […]

2007 26/10

16 weeks

Today was my 16 week OB appointment.  Nothing new and exciting to report.  Everything looks normal I guess.  Abbi went with me though this morning so she thought it was pretty cool to go to “mommy’s doctor check-up”.  I’ll probably be taking her to most of my normal check-ups.  She will not be going with […]

2007 25/10

Her new friends

This morning we have some guys outside our condo measuring or surveying the property.  Abbi walked by the window and saw them and said, “Oh, hi Bob.  Hi Jesus.  What you doin’?” Apparently Bob and Jesus are working outside our house today. Interesting. A little while later Abbi went to the window to look for […]

2007 23/10

My tiny little human

Abbi and I were heading to church Sunday morning (Tim had to go early to run sound) and I was stuck behind this kid who obviously had no clue how to drive.  We were waiting to turn left into the church parking lot and, since it was in-between services, there was a fair amount of […]

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