2007 26/10

Beating the system

Sometimes I question the lessons that I am teaching our daughter.

We’re attempting to begin the potty training process with Abbi.  Our first step is for her to recognize that sitting in a dirty diaper is not fun.  We’re hoping that this will eventually turn into her figuring out that pooping in her diaper isn’t fun and that she will want to go on the potty.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

So, as soon as Abbi dirties her diaper, I ask her if she has something she needs to tell me.  If she tells me she has a dirty diaper or says “yes” when I ask her if she has a dirty diaper, then she gets to put coins in her piggy bank.  She loves her piggy bank. After just a few days, she is now coming to me and just telling me when she has a dirty diaper.  Huge breakthroughs I feel.  However, she has already begun to figure out the system and is trying to find ways to manipulate it!

The other day, right after changing her dirty diaper and putting coins in the piggy bank, she decided to tell me she had another dirty diaper.  I had to explain to her that we only get to put coins in the piggy bank when we really do have a dirty diaper.  She smiled and walked away.  It was worth a try she felt.

Today, (after not pooping yesterday) she pooped just a tiny bit, but told me about it so we changed the diaper and put the coins in the piggy bank.  Five minutes later she filled her pants again, came to me smiling, and told me about her dirty diaper.  So, we changed it, yet again, and put coins in the piggy bank, yet again.  I’m hoping that it just so happened that her system had to take a little time to let the rest out and that she’s not learning that if she poops a little bit at a time, that she gets to do the piggy bank treat more than once.  Kids are so stinkin’ smart!

It’s only been a few days and she’s already finding loop holes in the system.  However, I do have another trick up my sleeve. When our coin jar gets empty, we’re just going to recycle her coins!  We’re horrible I know!

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