2007 19/10

Haircut and pregnancy woes

Last night I got my hair cut.  I’ve really been struggling with finding a hair style that fits me.  I loved having long hair but I find myself pulling it back every day.  So I thought I would go shorter again.  I’m getting used to it.  It’s a bit shorter in front than I had wanted. I actually wanted it a little longer, kind of like Jenny McCarthy’s hair.  It will grow though so we’ll see how it looks in a month.  I was going to post a picture but it is a very windy, rainy, crappy day.  It is certainly not a picture day.

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I’ve been feeling pretty well this month as far as the pregnancy goes.  No more nausea and my energy has returned.  I’m not sure if I’m starting to “nest” again or if I’m getting prepared for the long winter months, but I’ve made a long mental list of all of the cleaning and organizing I want to get done.  Abbi and I cleaned the garage yesterday, long overdue.  I want to clean out all of the cabinets and closets as well.  I did the same thing before our garage sale this past Spring and felt so good about it.  We’ll see how ambitious I get these next few weeks.

The irritating thing at this point is that I’m in-between clothes right now.  My non-prego pants still fit for the most part but my non-prego shirts are all getting a bit tight.  They would be fine if I looked pregnant and didn’t just look like I’ve put on some serious weight.  And my boobs are freaking huge.  I hate them!  The prego clothes are all too big yet.  I’m constantly hiking up the pants (annoying) and the shirts all look like I’m wearing garbage bags.  I must not have worn a lot of those shirts until later in my pregnancy last time because they look ridiculous right now.  I don’t remember having so much troubles with clothes when I was pregnant with Abbi but it was a different season (Summer) and I was able to wear a lot of capris, shorts, and t-shirts.  I’m just looking forward to a little cooler weather where I can hide my awkward body in sweatshirts and sweaters!

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