2007 05/11

Branching Out

One day a week I have a college student come in and watch Abbi for a few hours so I can run errands, go to doctor appointments, regain my sanity. This is a small slice of freedom, a 3 hour block of freedom from a very impatient 2 year old barking out orders and demands. (We’re working on the whole asking politely thing.) I typically will go to a local coffee shop and get some work done on my computer while sipping on yummy hot chocolate and snacking on my bagel. It really is a nice little break!

However, and this is a big HOWEVER, I’m very disappointed in my local coffee shops. Coffee shop #1 closed down again. Coffee shop #2 doesn’t offer internet. Coffee shop #3 offers free internet with a coffee purchase but only has 2 power outlets available for customers to use. Ok, that is a problem for me because the battery on my laptop won’t hold a charge so I’m stuck plugging in all the time. Seriously, this place just remodeled not too long ago and they didn’t think to add outlets in some of the booths? Does that seem odd to anyone else?

So, I think I’m going to branch out and check out some other places. My husband found one place for me to check out but, since I wasn’t having a great day yesterday, I didn’t feel like trying anything new. Maybe next week I will take the hubs’ advice.

I’m also thinking of branching out in some of the activities Abbi and I partake in. We typically go to the park, the mall play area, and the bouncing place but I think we may check out some “story times” at the local bookstores and a program our church offers. I’m beginning to feel quite lonely as a stay-at-home-mom. Lonelier than I had anticipated I guess. I think it’s the pregnancy hormones talking. But, since I’m going to be dealing with these hormones for a few more months, I better just listen to them.

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