2007 01/11

Halloween with a toddler

Last year we really didn’t do the Halloween thing. Tim had to work and Abbi was right at the age where she wouldn’t just sit in a costume being all cute and she certainly was not going to walk around house to house. Which was sad. But, being that I loved Halloween as a kid, I thought we would give this year a shot.

I bought Abbi a lion costume a month or so ago and we’ve been working with her to call lions “lions” and not “tigers”. She did really well wearing the costume (until we tried taking it off of her and her head got stuck). And, since it was cold, windy, and raining, we opted to just go to Tim’s sister’s church for their Harvest Festival/Halloween thing. Abbi enjoyed it. She got to run around, bounce on an inflatable game, dance, dig for candy in a box of sawdust, and eat cookies. All in all, it was a big success. Although she didn’t get bags and bags of candy that I would get to raid at night. I guess there is always next year…..or the after-Halloween sales at Target.

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