2007 15/11

It’s unanimous

Apparently Abbi believes this baby is going to be a girl as well. Actually she has no idea about this baby. No idea that in less than 21 weeks a new child will be coming into this house and life as she knows it will be flipped upside-down. And yet she has taken to phrase “baby sister” these days. She now refers to her baby doll as “baby sister”. I’m not really sure where it came from. We really haven’t talked about the baby with her at all because we figured it would be better to wait until we’re closer to the due date. It could be from her new potty-training book because the bunny (who is learning to use the potty) has a baby sister in the book. Regardless, it is the cutest thing in the world to hear her say “baby sister”. It is seriously going to rock all of our worlds if we see a little boy next week at the ultrasound.

Speaking of potty training…..here is an update: There was no peeing in the potty happening in this house (by Abbi) from Sunday morning until Wednesday night. It really made me doubt our choice to embark on the potty training right now. But today, today was successful!! She peed in the potty 4 times today and told me almost every time she peed in her pull-ups (we took a break from the panties because it was totally stressing Abbi out). So, we push on. Right now I am on top of the mountain, and I know a valley will follow, but I know a mountain will come again.

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