2007 11/11

One small step forward, two steps back, and a giant leap — all in one day!

And so the potty training begins. It is so hard to tell if she’s actually ready for it or not, but all signs pointed to the positive so we thought we would give it a shot. We’ve had the potty for a while now so Abbi’s pretty comfortable with having it around and even just sitting on it. We went to the store and bought some rubber training pants (to help eliminate some of the potential mess), special Dora panties, and special potty wipes. I explained to her on Friday that the next day would be a special pee-pee in the potty day and she was going to get to wear her special Dora panties. She was genuinely excited.

The small step forward — Abbi did really well with wearing her Dora panties and even sitting down on the potty. This was the case for about 2 hours.

Two steps backward — Then it happened. She peed in her special Dora panties. This was so tragic. After that, she wanted nothing to do with the potty or the panties. So we resorted to the Dora pull-ups, which she still thought were pretty cool.

A giant leap — I continued using the pull-ups throughout the day because I figured it was better than just diapers. At least she would get the idea of pulling them up and down instead of laying on the changing table. It was a start. Then, last night, I took her in the bathroom at Tim’s parent’s house to change her pull-up and asked her if she wanted to sit on the little potty. She did. And she went! Yes, she actually peed in the potty. Only a parent could celebrate such a momentous occasion.

Then, this morning I asked her if she wanted to put her Dora panties on and she shouted with a very exuberant yell, YES! I had her sit on the potty before I put the panties on her and told her that if she peed in the potty she would get to put coins in her piggy bank. This child must love money because, sure enough, the kid peed in the potty again!

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