2007 29/11

Rolling with the punches

It’s snowing right now. Granted it isn’t snowing enough and won’t snow enough today to have any accumulation on the ground but it does make the realization hit that winter is here. Before we do get some snow on the ground though I do need to get Abbi some snow pants and boots. I should actually get all of us boots and snow pants because it is inevitable that either Tim or I will be out in the snow with her. I’m totally going to be one of those old people who migrates south for the winter.

The weather isn’t the only thing changing around here. My pregnant belly has popped right out now so there is no denying I’m pregnant. My prego pants are all too big yet because this pregnancy and my pregnancy with Abbi are hitting in the different seasons. I’m thinking that I’m going to have to suck it up and buy a smaller pair of prego pants today. I hate to spend the money on them though when I know I’ll only wear them for another month or so. However, I cannot keep pulling my pants up as I try to carry Abbi through the parking lot at the store. Super annoying.

Another change…Tim has accepted a new job offer. He starts on Monday. I think we’re both pretty excited about the job and all it has to offer. It was time for a change in his work situation. Although he enjoyed the old company and feels a sense of ownership in it because he built it up to where it is today, it really is a dead end job. There was no possible chance of “moving up” or even a raise (the owner doesn’t believe in raises). Doesn’t really motivate a guy to do his best at work. All-in-all, we think it will be a good move for him.

And Abbi? Well the girl turns two on Saturday. TWO! I’m really amazed at how fast the time has gone by but I also feel like she’s been in our lives forever. It’s a good feeling. She’s also doing well with the potty training. She has some accidents here and there in her pull-ups or panties but she’s telling me when she needs to go or has gone and has even pooped in the potty (which I thought was going to be a huge battle).

That’s about it for now. We’ve got a busy weekend around here with Abbi’s birthday party and my parents coming into town so I will be back next week!

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