2007 20/11

Straight jacket, size medium-maternity, please

I believe in my last post I mentioned that I was not crazy brave enough to venture out for the Black Friday sales. Well, blame it on the pregnancy hormones or my NEED to find a good deal or pure insanity, but I’m going to do it. I’m going to join the masses of crazy shoppers and see if I can snag some of those deals.

I’ve been looking at some of the Black Friday flyers and am excited about some of the deals I’m seeing. The catch: Tim has to work on Friday and I’m not insane enough to take Abbi out shopping with me. So, I’m planning on getting my butt up at 5am (or so) and shopping. Insane? YES! (and that is not an excite “yes”) So far I’m only planning on going to three stores and I’ve made a list of things I need from each store, in hopes of not getting overwhelmed and just leaving in frustration. Which is bound to happen!

Oh, and did I mention that after getting up before the crack-of-dawn I need to come home, take care of a toddler (with endless energy whose potty training, so no napping on the couch for me) and clean my house top to bottom because we’re hosting a wedding shower for Tim’s cousin Saturday night. Yes, I will gladly take that straight-jacket now. Maybe in a fun Christmas pattern.

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