2007 06/11

Testing the waters

Last night Abbi and I babysat Jake (Tara & Scott’s little boy). Tim had to go down to Chicago for a work thing. Ok, yes it was a work thing but he totally got to hang out with David Crowder at the House of Blues. Jealous! So anyhow, Tara & Scott had a work banquet to go to so Jake hung out with us. I figured ti would be good practice for me to take care of two little ones on my own and good prep for Abbi becoming a big sister.

I was a little worried about how things would go because Abbi did not have a good nap in the afternoon. She took her nap about 2 hours later than usual so I had no idea how this was going to affect bedtime. Then, come to find out that Jake didn’t have a good nap either. Hmmmm, two kids who could be potentially be cranky, one of which could also become very jealous and begin acting out.

My worries were quickly put aside. Jake did great. He just hung out on the activity mat that I pulled out and Abbi read him stories, showed him her toys, shared her little maracas with him (rattles), and wanted to help pat him on the back when it was time for him to burp. I think she’s going to make a good big sister, most days. However, she was less than impressed when Jake started talking, loudly, when she was in the bath tub. He wasn’t crying or anything, he was just trying to talk to us. He just got really excited and Abbi was happier when he was quiet. So, here’s hoping that Wee-One #2 is a quiet baby!

Oh, and the evening actually ended up really well. Abbi was in bed by 7:20pm and Jake was in bed by 7:40pm. That left me to enjoy a quiet evening of Survivor and Grey’s Anatomy. Makes me think I can handle this two-kids thing. That is as long as I get 8 hours of sleep each night and Wee-One #2 comes out being 4 months old and sleeping through the night. Piece of cake! Mmmmm….cake!

Have a great weekend!

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