2007 09/11

The next 3 weeks

Is Thanksgiving really only 2 weeks away? Does anyone else feel like this Fall is flying by?

I cannot believe that in less than 2 weeks we will be having our ultrasound and finding out if WeeOne #2 is a boy or girl. Tim and I are both pretty confident that this one is going to be a girl as well. With Abbi I felt like she was going to be a boy and Tim was convinced she was going to be a girl. He won. I guess we’ll see if we’re both winners or both losers this time around. Either way, we’ll be happy. I’m also feeling a lot more movement now. This is slightly earlier than when I felt Abbi move. I started feeling her move around when I was close to 22 weeks. But right now it is just that bizarre swishing motion in my abdomen.

In 2 weeks I will be delightfully filling myself with yummy turkey and mashed potatoes, oh and pumpkin pie. Seriously makes me hungry just thinking about it. And, the fact that I will have 4 more weeks before I have to weigh in at the doctors again, well that means there will be no food off limits.

In 3 weeks my baby will be turning 2. TWO! I cannot believe that my baby is turning 2. I love this stage because she is so much fun. Most days she is 2 going on 6. Which is fun. Most days. But I do miss those days/nights of her just falling asleep on my shoulder. The feeling of her sweet baby breath on my neck. I miss those baby days. And I know I will have baby days back again soon, but they will not be with my Abbi. Makes me sad. But I am so unbelievably happy to see the little lady she is turning out to be. Oh, and we had a breakthrough with the manners thing. She is actually saying “may I” and “excuse me”. Now if I can just get her to stop picking her nose. I know, gross!

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