2007 25/12

And just like that, it’s over.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the holidays fly by. I almost wish we had a few more parties coming up but it is over for us. The Christmas treats are almost gone, the presents have all been unwrapped and played with multiple times, the stockings are empty. With that said, we did have a great Christmas.

Abbi made out like a bandit (with some late birthday presents thrown in there). Lots of books (which this child LOVES), a V-Smile, a new activity table and chairs (where the crayons can be set-up permanently), and some new blocks (even Dora ones). And she loved opening presents, although she was really good about not opening others’ presents unless invited to do so. It was really a fun year with her. We totally didn’t take any pictures though. Not sure why exactly. I think we were just too in the moment with her to bother with a camera. So many memories though that I wish I had caught on tape or in photos. She loved wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and singing Christmas songs. I think that is what makes me most sad that the holiday is now over. Abbi really made this a great Christmas for us!

Tim and I didn’t do too shabby with gift receiving either. I got some new kitchen stuff, which was badly needed and really wanted. Tim got some new jeans (again, badly needed and really wanted) and some new dressy gloves. And there there were the other random and fun gifts as well. The best though was surprising Tim with the Nintendo Wii. I bought it a few weeks ago and have been keeping it hidden until this morning. I think he was genuinely surprised with it, although I think deep down he knew he was getting one. We challenged each other to some sports games tonight. The outcome: we both did well in tennis and golf, I kicked butt in bowling, and he kicked butt in baseball. We didn’t box each other since we still need another nunchuck, which was probably good. And now he’s mastering Mario Galaxy. I think he likes his present.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

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