2007 01/12

Happy Birthday Abbi

Saturday was Abbi’s 2nd birthday and I must say that it went much better than birthday #1.  Although she was cranky most of the day, she was suddenly in a good mood when her birthday party arrived.  She loved having everyone sing to her, she loved blowing out her candle, she LOVED the cake, and she loved the presents.  This kid was a pro at opening those presents.  I thought we would have to show her that she needed to tear off the wrapping paper but she just went right to it.  That is her mommy coming out in her!  Should be fun at Christmas….although I am realizing that I will need to keep her away from the presents until then or I need to wait until last minute to do the wrapping.

I’m still in denial that my baby is 2 years old.  It makes me sad to look through her pictures and to see how grown up she is getting.  Everyone keeps saying, “But you’ve got another baby on the way so you’ll get to do all the baby stuff again.”  It’s not the same.  This next baby is not Abbi.  Those will be new experiences and new memories (which I’m looking forward to).  My little baby is now a little girl.  It is sad and so exciting all at once.

Happy Birthday Pookey Bear!  We love you so much!

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