2007 16/12

I’m a visual person

We were watching Kitchen Nightmares a few weeks ago and Gordon Ramsey told a restaurant owner that he should not put pictures on his menu.  I agree, partially.  I love pictures on the menu because I am a visual person.  I need to see what a dish looks like to really know if I’m going to like it (I know, meals don’t always taste as good as they look).  Now, I don’t think that just anyone should take pictures and put it on the menu.  It takes a good photographer, who knows what they are doing (especially with food), to take appealing pictures of food.  Spend the money on the professional photographer because then I’ll spend the money on that $12 salad!

I bring this up because this morning I was searching on the internet for some different and fun holiday treat recipes.  Hardly any of the recipes I was looking at had pictures with them.  I would have even appreciated the most am of photos!  I didn’t recognize most of the names on the recipes so it would have been so helpful to see pictures to see if it is something I want to take the time to make (most likely I’ll be the one eating them).  I did find a good list of recipes that I’m sure will keep me busy this next week but I’m mostly sticking with recipes I recognized by name.

So, if you have any fun holiday recipes out there that are super yummy, please send them my way.  I’ll even take them without pictures.  I trust you!

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