2007 20/12

The decision I dreaded

I had my 24 week check-up with the OB today. To my surprise, I actually got to see the doctor today. Usually I schedule with one of the nurses because, even when I do schedule my appointment with the doctor, he’s usually out delivering babies and I see a nurse anyhow. This time though he made it back just in time to see me. So, we had the “talk”. Would it be possible for me have a VBAC?

My thought — VBAC! I really don’t want to go through another c-section. But, even more so, I don’t want to go through another natural labor resulting in a c-section. That is far worse in my book than just scheduling the c-section. My OB is recommending a c-section, although he has done tons of VBACs, due to the circumstance in which Abbi’s c-section occurred. Apparently I’m petite and my hips are small. Ummm, those are not things I would have said to describe myself. I would definitely say I have some ‘birthing hips’ but the doctors seem to disagree. So, the OB is worried that this baby will not be able to fit through my pelvis either. Thus resulting in a c-section.

Although trying the natural birth thing is an option for me, if it is going to end up in another c-section anyhow, then they would rather just plan the c-section and eliminate the risk of a uterine rupture. There are lots of pros and cons on both sides. One of the big considerations is that if I go with the planned c-section, then I can deliver here at the local hospital. If I opt for the VBAC, then I need to go an hour away to a much larger hospital. Lots to think about.

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