2007 06/12

Woo Hoo

I’m done with Christmas Shopping!!!!!  Well, aside from Tim’s and Abbi’s gifts.  I was actually done last week but I just got them all wrapped this afternoon.  Now I need to package up those that are getting sent elsewhere and get them in the mail.  It is such a good feeling to have that done.  I’m usually still shopping on Christmas Eve!

Have you ever seen the movie “Jingle All The Way”?  You can say ‘yes’, I promise I won’t tell anyone else.  It is a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger where he is a dad who was responsible for getting his son this coveted toy for Christmas.  This was the hottest toy of the season (kind of like the whole Tickle Me Elmo doll).  Anyhow, he forgot to get the toy until his wife reminded him on Christmas Eve morning.  So, he spends the whole day trying to find this toy that everyone else is looking for.  Not one of those ‘must see’ movies but it was on tv the other day and I could totally relate!  Tim really wants a Wii for Christmas and we had money stashed away for it for a few months now but I never got around to buying it.  Well now it is one of those gifts that you can’t get your hands on!

People are standing in lines outside of stores for hours (and I mean hours) just to see if the store is getting a shipment of Wiis.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I’m not about to get up at 5am to stand out in the cold outside of BestBuy for 5 hours just to see if they happened to get 3 in stock that day. You can’t buy them anywhere except on Ebay these days.  And those stupid things are going for nearly $200 over the purchase price.  And people are paying for them.  Are you FREAKING kidding me?  And the stupid thing is that I could have bought one weeks ago without a problem.  I’m not giving up though.  I’ve got a few leads and am going to keep trying.  Otherwise, we’ll just get one the week after Christmas when the madness subsides.

Just when I thought I had actually done my Christmas shopping early this year.  Lesson learned.  Start shopping in September next year!!

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