2008 30/01

Finally, a light

My house continues to be sick. Abbi gets small bursts of energy here and there but she’s still pretty tired and cranky. Oh and did I mention that her top two molars are both coming in? Yeah, fun times. Tim is feeling a little better and went in to work for a few hours today. […]

2008 29/01

Sick days

I (foolishly or optimistically) thought we may be able to avoid the plague of sickness that has been circulating around our friends and family for the past few months, but to no avail. Yesterday evening Abbi threw-up a little and has been just laying on the couch pretty much all day today. Thankfully her fever […]

2008 23/01

The bear in the little truck

Snow from Stacey Lynn on Vimeo.

2008 22/01

Test results

After not hearing from the doctor’s office yesterday I finally decided to call them this morning to find out what the results were for my 3-hour glucose test. As far as the nurse could tell everything looked good. She was going to have the doctor look them over for sure and get back to me […]

2008 22/01

Daddy Withdrawals

I’ve learned that Mondays will be a bit of an adjustment-day for us — aka. Daddy Withdrawal Day. Abbi gets used to having her daddy around pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday. So, when Monday comes along, she is constantly asking where daddy is and wants to go find him. She will not accept […]

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