2008 22/01

Daddy Withdrawals

I’ve learned that Mondays will be a bit of an adjustment-day for us — aka. Daddy Withdrawal Day. Abbi gets used to having her daddy around pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday. So, when Monday comes along, she is constantly asking where daddy is and wants to go find him. She will not accept my answer that he’s at work. She’s convinced that he is either hiding in the basement or in the bathroom. I know Tim loves the fact that she misses him, I would too. However, I get to deal with the constant questions and whining. So, I’m always trying to find creative ways to distract her when the “where’s daddy” starts. Makes me a little jealous because I’m sure she enjoys the few and short breaks she gets from me. I don’t think she goes around the house searching for me. I think it’s more like, “Woo Hoo!! Mom’s finally gone!” Ahhh, the often unappreciated job of a mom :)

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