2008 07/01

Nesting or going crazy

There are times I feel like I’ve hit the nesting phase of pregnancy. But then the nesting need quickly passes and I just get frustrated. Could be partially that I’m still fighting this cold/sinus stuff and that I just have no energy. I cannot wait to go see my chiropractor next week. He always seems to help restore my energy. It could also be that I have a total of 2 hours during the day that are child-free (aka. nap time). During those two hours I need to get most of my computer work done (HHP stuff and website stuff) and catch-up on emails. I’m really trying to avoid the computer while Abbi is awake. I feel like there are times that I’m neglecting Abbi’s needs (really just her need to play) because I get caught up in responding to emails or just quickly fixing a website problem. That is not why I’m a stay-at-home-mom, so I’ve decided to get my priorities in order and that means that email and website issues will just have to wait until during Abbi’s nap time or after her bedtime. Oh, and then there’s trying to keep up on blogging.

So, needless to say, those two hours are filled up quickly. Then, by the time that Abbi goes to bed at night, I am too tired to do any cleaning or organizing and I really just want to veg with my husband. But that does not rid me of the nagging feeling that I want to (or need to) organize all of our closets and cabinets. I want my basement to be finished. I want to find fabric and make curtains for the basement windows and pillows for the couch. I want to clean out my van. I want to get new furniture for our house. I want to wash down all of the walls and fix those nicks and gouges. I want. I want. I want. I want to find more time during my day to get this stuff done before April comes along (aka, when child #2 arrives).

What do I NEED to do? I need to just make yet another “to-do” list of all of this crap so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. So, I guess this is just me venting to say that, as much as I’m trying not to rush this pregnancy along, I cannot wait until my hormones are back to ‘normal’. Oh, and before anyone makes a comment about having the husband do all of this for me, please know that he has been super helpful in all of this. He may not be cleaning out closets but he’s been working extra jobs so we can afford all of the stupid nesting things I want to do. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy.

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