2008 21/01

Red Light Green Light

Abbi’s imagination and ability to grasp ideas sometimes astounds me. And how she is able to remember things. I wish I had her memory. Despite the fact that she is pushing boundaries and experimenting with having a “say-so” in life (aka. sassing and talking back), I am loving this stage. She loves to make up different lyrics to songs (which I love to do as well). We tell stories together about princesses who use the big girl potty. And she comes up wit the funniest things to say and do. Tim and I find ourselves just cracking up over her all the time. And her laugh is infectious. When she starts to really laugh I can’t help but laugh too, which makes her laugh more, which makes me laugh more, and then she ends up snorting! So funny!

Her newest games are playing ‘Red Light Green Light’. Actually she says “Green Light” and “Freeze” but it’s the same concept. We usually play this in the bathtub when daddy is splashing or squirting her. She loves to play! I really hope we can get her back into Kindermusick or into gymnastics this summer or fall. I think that would be a great opportunity to give her some individual attention after the baby comes. If the money is there then I think we’ll absolutely do one or the other.

Despite al of the play and activity she still likes to cuddle once in a while. Seriously, I love this age!

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