2008 02/01

Run down

Since Saturday night Tim and I have both been dealing with jacked up sinus. Every few minutes one of us sniffles or tries to clear our throats. And, of course, Abbi decides to mimic it every time. I that is partially why I am so tired and feeling run down lately. Not because I have a toddler mimicing every word I say or noise I make, but because of the jacked up sinuses. Well, that and staying up later than normal to play video games with the husband. We’re slightly addicted. He more than me though. Right now he’s playing a racing game. I SUCK at racing games. I overcompensate on the turning thing and end up all over the place. Not very fun. But it is fun to watch the husband get excited about winning races.

In other news, I just looked at our calendar for January and was pleasantly surprised to see that we have nothing going on this month. Finally, a month with some down time. At least that is the way it appears right now. I’m sure things will come up along the way and we will be busy once again. Tim has rehearsal on Saturday so I’m planning on putting away all of the Christmas decorations. Not that I would be opposed to having them up for a while longer. I’m just ready to have my house back in order and organized again.

Oh, and Abbi and I went to scope out a potential house today. I found in one of my many searches online and decided to go check out the location and setting. It is a newer house and the price was actually really good (and in our range). Unfortunately, there is also a very nice sold sign on it now. Apparently it just sold with in the last week or so. Oh well. Back to searching again I guess.

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