2008 22/01

Test results

After not hearing from the doctor’s office yesterday I finally decided to call them this morning to find out what the results were for my 3-hour glucose test. As far as the nurse could tell everything looked good. She was going to have the doctor look them over for sure and get back to me if he had any concerns. Apparently, since it is now 3pm, he doesn’t have any concerns. Despite my test coming back normal and all I am going to meet with a different OB next week. Not because I don’t like my current OB (he’s very nice), but because he will absolutely not consider me for a VBAC and this other OB might. I do not want to accept the idea of having another c-section until I’ve exhausted my other options….or myself. My current OB believes that I will end up in the same situation as I did the first time around — with a baby that is too big to deliver naturally for my body. I disagree. Abbi was not a big baby by any means and I really think I could have delivered her naturally had my labor not stalled and had we not been induced to get the labor going again. I think that made the difference and did not allow my body to work with the labor. Makes sense in my mind, in the mind of a lot of people on the internet, and in the mind of my chiropractor. So, I figure I should at least keep exploring my options. However, I do feel like time is no longer on our side. I’m in my third trimester already! I better get this thing figured out!

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